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Official Ray Ban Active Lifestyle RB3460 Sunglasses White Frame


Albion Park Rail mechanic without a working phone for months Mechanic Nick Voulgaris runs NIX Automotive in Albion Park Rail.

On Monday he read the Mercury's story about the difficulties Bulli businesswoman Julie Scalco had been having with getting her phones and internet fixed. Mr Voulgaris then contacted the Mercury to say he had that beat he claimed his automotive business has been without a landline for nearly four months. Read more: Bad Telstra service sparks bill refusal for Austinmer woman However Telstra records suggest they delayed a landline connection for only two weeks. Mr Voulgaris said the problem started when he moved from Telstra to Optus but wanted to keep the same number. After six weeks with no phone line, he said Telstra had been holding his number "to ransom" and wouldn't release it to Optus. Read more: Stranded Unanderra business wants opt out from 'baby Telstra' "So I came back with Telstra, six weeks later, still no phone line ray ban latest sunglasses at all, no internet nothing," he said. "They've turned my ry ban life upside down." However, a Telstra spokeswoman said the transferring of his number was complicated due to the fact there was a business broadband also attached to his phone line. Rather than disconnecting Mr Voulgaris' internet service they halted the number transfer to Optus to ensure he still had access to his business calls and internet. Mr Voulgaris said he called the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman. "She was really, really nice and she said 'I'll get you at least a diversion in the next two to five working days'," he said. And the staff at the ombudsman did get some action calls to Mr Voulgaris' business number were diverted to his mobile phone. But he's concerned about the business he lost in recent months due to people ringing, getting no answer and assuming he's gone out of business. He reckoned he'd lost as much as $25,000 in business due to not having a landline. "We survive on rego slips $39 per car," he said. "You've only got to miss out on 10 of them a day and there's $400 down the tube. "I've had to remortgage my house, I've had to more or less door knock to let people know ray ban sunglasses discount I'm still here." A Telstra spokeswoman confirmed there was no intent to unnecessarily delay his service. "The customer was trying to port a number over to a different provider while there were still services connected to the account," the spokeswoman said. "This caused a delay, during which we were able to have his phone calls diverted to his mobile service.

"We've worked through the process as quickly as possible and apologise to the customer for the disruption to their ray bans sunglasses wayfarer service." Latest NewsEditor Picks An addict broke her jaw. The force broke her spiritMan, 20, bitten by shark in waist deep water on South Coast.

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