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    Official Ray Ban Aviator RB3026 Black And Silver Frame Gray Lens Sunglass

Official Ray Ban Aviator RB3026 Black And Silver Frame Gray Lens Sunglass


All the colour of the carnival Members from the Warrnambool Light Horse Reenactment Group make their way along the final straight, before the running of the Grand Annual Steeplechase.

150507RG48 Picture: ROB ray ban 3404 GUNSTONE Jason Russell, Mick Foot, and Ryan Clough, all of Geelong, enjoying their day at the Warrnambool Races. 150507RG62 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Face of the Carnival Laura Kelly. 150507RG75 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Jockey Jake Bayliss, sister Annalisse Balisse, and jockey Ragan Bayliss, ray ban sungalsses at the Warnrambool races. 150507RG76 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Kieran Mugavin, of Warrnambool, celebrates after he believes his mates horse has won race 9 at the Warrnambool Carnival. 150507RG80 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Koroit jockey Chelsea Hall rode a winner in Race 8, on Day 2 of the Warrnambool Carnival. 150507RG78 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Nicole Price, Briana Stokie, Emily Turner Dwyer, and Tahleah Keane, all of Warrnambool, at the Warrnambool Carnival. 150507RG85 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Rachel Crampton, of Warrnambool, constructed her own racing hat out of 120 hand cut triangles. The job took 5 6 hours to complete. 150507RG45 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Murray Baker, of Allansford, and Dion Jansz, of Warrnambool, styling out at the races. 150507RG16 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Lorraine Cumming, Simon Ridgewell, Leonna Bell, Helen Ridgewell, Shirley McLeod, and Heather Price, all of Warrnambool, enjoying a day on the ray ban 5150 rails at the Carnival. 150507RG17 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Shaylea Ralston, 8, Patrick Ralston, 4, Alysha Ralston, 9, dad Craig Ralston, and William Ralston 5. 150507RG18 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Racegoers seek shelter under the umbrellas outside the marquees on the hill. 150507RG21 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Derek Walters and Natasha Bennick, both of Warrnambool, shelter from the rain. 150507RG22 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Katelyn Gibson, Tessa Dayman, and Simone Lacey, all of Warrnambool, enjoying the races from the hill. 150507RG24 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Checking armbands at the marquees and raising funds for the Warrnambool Golf Club, l r Kevin Ryan and Jeff Hughes outside of the marquees on the hill. 150507RG23 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Rhyan Osmond, 3 of Mill Park, dressed to impress at the May Races. 150507RG28 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Large crowds lined the rails, when the sun shone, at the May Racing Carnival. 150507RG26 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Casey Williams, 16, Rachael McGrath, and Maureen McGrath, all of Warrnambool, colourful ray ban original sunglasses at the races. 150507RG32 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Aiden Koelmeyer, of Warrnambool, and Alana Wilkins, of Mt Eliza.

150507RG33 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Riley Dwyer, 12, dressed up with dad James Dwyer, at the May Races. 150507RG31 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Michael McAlpine, of Richmond, dressed in autumn colours at the May Races. 150507RG34 Picture: ROB GUNSTONE Christine Kelly gives Jessica Campbell, both of Warrnambool, a hand repairing her hair do at the Races.

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