Guide to How to Play Soccer Sportsbook

Guide to How to Play Soccer Sportsbook
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we try to provide a more detailed description of How to Play Sportbooks on Soccer. To start betting, of course you have to have enough chip balance. Minimum chips for placing bets are 20 chips (worth Rp. 20,000). Before you start betting, it would be better to understand the functions and contents of the menus – menus that are available first.

02.00AM is the match time. Live is a match that provides the livebet. The hours listed are GMT +8, so to find out the hours of WIB, subtract 1 hour

The team that is given the red color is the team that gives the Handicap (ngepuur) The value of the odds or the market that is red and minus is the Team that is subject to Kei (tax)

0-0.5 = fur 1/4 0.5 = fur 1/2 0.5-1 = fur 3/4 1-1.5 = fur 1 1/4 and so on

Here are some explanations of the types of bets available on the SepakbolaCC website, which generally must be understood in advance (with reference to market images at the top).

HDP Under the HDP column is the voor, which is 0.5. The vooring team is always red. Whereas next to voor there is a number -1.09, which means that Fiorentina bet hits kei -1.09 & below there is a number 1.04, meaning Bet AC Milan can 1.04 Example: we want to bet Fiorentina 100b, just click -1.09 then enter 100 in the column that appears. For example the results of the match 3-1, because the voor is 0.5, the result of the difference of 1.5 goals, then we win fully. The calculation: (100 x -1.09) = 109 We still only get Rp. 100,000 because the kei is minus. (At the time of booking, make sure the available funds exceed 109) * If the result of the match is won by AC Milan with a difference of 1 goal or more, then we lose and are subject to -1.09, which is 109 or a total loss of Rp. 109,000

O / U Over Under, under the O / U column there is a rate / voor for O / U is 2.5. That means if we bet over, the match results must be over 3 goals (4,5,6, etc.), if the results of the match are only 3 goals (3-0, 2-1, etc.), we win fully. Whereas if you bet under, the opposite is over. Total goals must not exceed 3, then defeat is Full or full.

If the O / U is 2.5: The final result is 3 goals -> bet under lose, bet over win

For the calculation of kei, it’s the same as HDP (Handicap).

O / E Odd / Even (even / odd), we only choose the final result of the match the number of goals of both teams is odd or even. Kei calculation is the same as HDP (Handicap).

1×2 Under 1×2, are the odds for guessing to win, draw or lose. Just click on the odds or the market to place a bet or stake. Example: we choose Fiorentina to win (whatever the score), click the black number 1.90, then enter the bet in the bet column (example bet 100rb). 1 = Host (home) -> means we choose the host to win x = Draw -> meaning we choose the match to end draw 2 = Away -> means we choose the guest team to win For example the match result is 3-1 Calculation: (100rb x 1.90) – 100rb = 90rb. So we win 90 * for the calculation of victory, all odds must be reduced by 1. If the result of jayapoker the match is a draw / win on AC Milan’s side, then we will lose 100b


The purpose of betting HT / FT is to guess the results of the first round match & combined with the results of the match at full time, so that it is called HT / FT (half time / full time). the Italian premier party

H = Home -> The home team wins D = Draw -> Draw results A = Away -> The visitors win

If there is a Home Home code, it means that in the first round won by Fiorentina (regardless of the score) & when the match ends, Fiorentina wins the results (regardless of the score). Example results from Home Home, if the first half scores 1-0, the match finishes the score 1-0. Example results from the Home Draw, if the first half scores 1-0, the match finishes 1-1. Examples of results from Home Away, if the first half scores 1-0, finishes the match with a score of 1-2.

Here’s another code found in this bet type:

DH = Draw, Home DD = Draw, Draw DA = Draw, Away AH = Away, Home AD = Away, Draw AA = Away, Away

To calculate the number of wins, as well as calculating at 1×2 & mix parlay, all odds must be reduced by 1 first and multiplied by the number of bets.

Example HH, odd 1.20, if your pair or bet is correct, the calculation is as follows: (1.20- 1) x number of bets

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